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Merv Booth

Merv is a technical thinker with two decades of problem-solving experience.

Throughout his education and working life, he’s focused on solving problems. In the earlier years, this was often in the form of finding streamlined process in the workplace, such as replacing manual processes with automated and semi-automated digital solutions, or reducing workflows, refining and/or removing superfluous stages. For the last decade, it’s been in software development, most commonly web-development. Merv has fully immersed himself in this discipline, taking a degree in computer science to underpin his knowledge.

His role at 300% is to lead the digital services, developing and providing solutions that are focused on solving problems to the most appropriate level. He’s obsessed with always improving the user experience, as can be seen with the websites we build for our clients, both in terms of site performance and a keen focus on the content management experience.

Merv loves F1, dinner parties, Faye Booth, being a dad, education and solving problems.