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Brand Matters! Investment in a properly considered brand typically increases the value of your brand by 15-30% of the market cap.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Would you like your brand to stand out?

Does your brand have a true identity?

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from Airlines to Hairlines (see what I did there?).

Our brand services include:

  • corporate brand research
  • brand concepts
  • full re-brand and brand-refresh
  • full service digital and printed brand implementation


300% began from a passion for design, brand identity, print, digital, photography and storytelling.

Today we help our clients grow and develop creatively through strategic and differentiating design. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships by listening to what our clients tell us.

We work with them in partnership to understand and solve the challenges that help us deliver brand identities and design that are simple and clever, whilst delivering on commercial objectives and ambition.


Award-winning, experienced, independent and agile.

We are Kent-based branding experts who work with growth businesses around the world, helping them to develop and use their brands as tools for growth, and helping them grow the value of their brands.

The brand value is typically 15-30% of the market cap of a company, but rarely gets that proportion of management attention – despite recent McKinsey research showing that companies who are top quartile performers in design achieve twice the annual growth rate of their peers.

We bring the skills to help you ensure that you’re maximising the value of your assets and that your brand builds the interest and loyalty it deserves. We are particularly keen today to work with leading Kent-based growth businesses – and have a special offer for Kent’s Mega-Growth 50.

Working both independently with clients and as consultants with agencies, we strategically transform brands and businesses with simple, intelligent and beautifully crafted ideas.