Renaming, Rebranding, Rebuilding of an e-commerce brand


The managing director of (then Basic Interiors) wanted to drive more sales through his e-commerce website and increase brand awareness.

Immediately, we raised concerns over the company’s name, the brand’s image and the online store, as none of it aligned with the company’s mission or the products they were selling.

Our suggestion was a full rebrand to explore a more fitting way to stand out in a crowded market, led by several household names.


A full renaming, rebranding and redesign of the website service delivered:

  • market research
  • market positioning
  • renaming
  • rebranding
  • website design
  • website development
  • website management
  • ongoing technical support
  • ongoing strategic marketing

After carrying out competitor and market research, we presented the client with a number of potential new names, of which was chosen.

With this exciting new name in place, we moved to the visual brand, providing a series of mood boards and brand placements to help imagine how the brand would look in the marketplace.

Once the brand’s identity and visual language had been agreed, we set about replanning and redesigning their collateral and e-commerce website.


The company’s mission is now baked into the brand, which is completely aligned with the MD’s vision.

The brand now sits confidently in a competitive market, with a simple, dependable visual identity that’s generating positive attention and more conversations. Each month has seen increased sales over the previous one and higher sales and marketing targets have been set now the potential’s been unlocked. homepage | 300% homepage | 300% rebranding on a delivery van | 300% branding on a billboard | 300% rebranding on a sofa cushion | 300% branding on stationary | 300% branding on box | 300%
Rebranding logo | 300%